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To decide which gift is for a business partner, family, investors, executives always makes people think so hard. What kind of gift? What’s value of it that can show your sincere heart to a receiver. Therefore,  hand embroidery needle art – a long-term treasure – is a good idea. Why should we buy a hand embroidery needle art as a gift in the mean while we have other thousands of vintage gifts?

      In our life, there are many different memories such as wedding anniversary, birthday, new house, and special day. When we want to share happiness with them, we want to give them a meaningful and long-term treasure gift that can bring them happiness, love and spiritual strength. So, a hand embroidery needle art is the number one choice for a business partner, long-term coworker, executives, family in their important events because our hand embroidery needle arts carry spiritual value and meaningful message in each needle art and the beauty of our needle arts brings to viewers.

Why We Should Buy a Hand Embroidery Needle Art As A Gift?

A hand embroidery needle art is the best artwork carrying an artist’s time and devotion and compassion . An artist is carefully to choose a needle size and threads and colors of threads to distribute to hand embroider an artwork, so our hand embroidery needle arts not only look like a painting but also have a soul in it. When you give a hand embroidery needle art as a gift to someone, s/he will appreciate it.

Each topic of hand embroidery needle art has a different meaning. Pursuant to a hand embroidery needle art’s meaning, you can select which one is good for a receiver. For example, with a flower needle art, it should be given for new year. It means that flower needle art will bring luckiness and prosperity. Flowers symbolize in prosperity and success in the beginning of year. Colors of flowers are beautiful and charming, so it is a deep meaning in a hand embroidery needle art.

Or a hand embroidery needle art of two cranes or two birds that will be given to a couple at a wedding ceremony, gold marriage, silver marriage. If your business partner, executive or family member has a long-term marriage, this hand embroidery needle art will bring a lot of happiness and meaningfulness to them. Two happy birds in a peaceful landscape – is it an eternal wish for a couple? This is a meaningful gift for a receiver.












In addition to the above needle arts, landscape hand embroidery needle arts also mean prosperity and success. These needle arts are good for business partner and especially for a new start-up. For example, hand embroidery needle arts of horses mean success. Cranes in nature or lotus flowers and carps – these needle arts mean prosperity. The most important meaning of hand embroidery needle art for a business partner, investors or executives, we should pay attention to Feng Shui. Most of businessmen pay attention to Feng Shui in order to bring success to their business. So, the right hand embroidery needle art will be the best plus. Therefor, receivers will know that you understand them very much.

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