Traditional Hand Embroidery Needle Arts

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Our Traditional Hand Silk Embroidery Needle Arts

Our traditional hand embroidered needle arts are finished by master Anna Lifson who brings over 20+ years in traditional hand embroidery. This skill was handed down by her family generations and she is the 3rd one.

Gabrielle, a female French scholar specializing in the studying of Oriental Cultures, wrote: “In many places, people have transmitted through generations, an extraordinary art by painting in threads, making lotus flower bloom on silk, butterflies hover on blue water surface. Vietnamese embroiderers are more skillful than the Chinese in their use of sewing with the fine lines and their methods of mixing colors…”

Hocquard, an author had said about the embroidery at the end of 19th century: “The Vietnamese embroiderers were very clever in distributing color on silk to create the harmony on embroidered pieces without any hard contrast.”

If you owns one of our needle arts, you are having a long-term treasure. Our needle arts can last long: 20+ years.

Our estimated processing and shipping time: 8+ weeks (it depends on the size of needle art).

Free shipping.

Requirement: deposit first for a custom order.

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