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Anna Fashion Paradise, LLC. is not only the online gift store but also a specialized company of hand embroidered home textile products. Established in 1997, the company’s mission is to preserve the old traditional of embroidery art, and encouraging its evolution to the production of highly crafted embroidered products that fit the needs of contemporary life while bringing employment to the poor. Anna Fashion Paradise’s products are sold for private household use as well as to luxury hotels and restaurants. In addition to our high quality production sold under its own “Anna Fashion Paradise” brand, we also takes orders under clients’ specifications and subcontracts. Furthermore we also carries hand embroidery fashion, accessories, crochet and knitted products and handmade home decors. And we also provide hand embroidery classes and workshops. Our team is made up of highly skilled designers and embroidery artists. We create unique and authentic items from fashion clothing to home ware, fashion accessories, bed linen, and artworks, we have a rich collection to suit any taste.


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Anna Fashion Paradise, LLC  specializes in silk hand embroidery. We design and sell the traditional silk hand embroidery needle arts, provide all silk embroidery services and silk embroidery classes. We are the online retail store selling the most unique 3D printed scarves, hand-embroidered women’s scarves and apparel that caters to Ravenswood community in Chicago, IL.
















Our upcoming exhibitions










We are raising funds to open a museum of Traditional Hand Embroidery in Chicago.



Silk Embroidery Threads

Our Silk Embroidery Threads are made from threads produced by silky worms in Vietnam. A strand is very shiny and soft. We are using natural colors from leaves and flowers to dye our threads.

We carry two types of silk. One type is made of silkworms. The other one is satin silk which is called vegan silk.

Hand Embroidered Napkins


Our hand embroidered napkins are made of white fabric and DMC threads. Our products are very high quality, new and unique!


Workshops and Classes


The master Anna Lifson not only brings over 20+ years in traditional hand embroidery but also has a great experience in teaching origami – folding paper in different shapes. Would you like to learn origami or at least hand embroider for your kids’ clothes and yourself or become the true hand silk embroidery artist?